Thank you for visiting our site. Our company Fly Yacht Kft. started operations in 1990.  Fly Yacht is one of Hungary’s leading sailboat builder and trader company. Since 2000 our boats are marketed under the “Fly” brand.

Our mission is to create boats with the “Design Simply Clever” philosophy, creating smart solutions that make great use of available space. We are proud for the growing number of Fly owners and for the positive feedback for our quality over past 25 years. All our boats are designed to be one handed and manufactured in small series. Our goal is to meet all of the individual needs of our customers. The interior can be made of white Ash, Teak or Mahogany. The mast is anodized aluminum, railings are chemically polished. Fittings are all products of well know international brands. Boats can be manufactured either with swert plus bottom ballast, swertkiel, fixed kiel or lift kiel.  Below the water line the hull is made of vinylester therefore no osmosis is possible.

We offer a broad selection of boats, from newbies to pros many will find what they looking for no matter you are interested in touring or more into races Our most popular series are the Fly 20/600 and the Fly 22/660. The new Fly 25/750 just got ready in the fall of 2014 for our 25th anniversary. Besides sailboat manufacturing we are also representatives of Nannidiesel inboard engines providing installations and service within our territory. If you have any questions or interested in our products do not hesitate to contact us.


Team Fly Yacht